Pestalozzi Education Centre

Educating Head Heart and Hands

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School Mission Statement

Pestalozzi Education Centre provides children with opportunities that will help develop them into well balanced and responsible citizens by fostering the Pestalozzi philosophy of "Head, Heart and Hands"

Our Core Values

  • provide and ensure quality education for life.

  • Provide enabling environment for learners.

  • Providing relevant life skills for personal growth and the development of the communities in which they live.


The school offers a multicultural learning environment which follows the Zambian Curriculum complimented by the Anglo-American curriculum.  It is enriched with the Pestalozzi philosophy of 'Head, Heart and Hands" and children graduate from the centre to further education or careers with advantages over their peers.


Our highly qualified and motivated teachers are well-supported by a team of notable international educators who make regular visits for in house programme upgrades. This ensures that the centre meets internationally accepted standards thus enabling students to fit in to any education system in Zambia and abroad.

The class sizes are small , typically 1 teacher to 25 student ratio. this ensures that each student can be challenged and given individual attention.

Teachers are competitively selected to meet the high standard in line with the Pestalozzi philosophy of:

  • Head: - High intellectual development and attainment.

  • Heart: - Passion, tolerance and caring attitude towards others.

  • Hands: -acquisition and real life application of practical skills to uplift high standard and positive attitude to work.